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Whether planning a whole new architecture, renovating an old ruin or making additions to a family home all may require building, construction permits and if so need an inspection by building construction inspection services. It can look like a minefield of information to consider and many codes and regulations to adhere to. There is an overview of the requirements of building, construction permits, and the process of building inspection services will follow.


Building permits are legal documents, submitted before the building work starts, and they along with the relevant fee goes to the local authority who decides whether the work can take place. At various stages of the building and when construction is complete, building, construction inspection services will check the structure to make sure it is up to standard. 

Each region has its requirements, and you should check with construction, building inspections services of the exact specifications of building permits before submitting. The building, construction permits to ensure that the structure will be safe, that all buildings hold the same standards and help value property.


Unsafe buildings can lead to injury or death by monitoring construction through building permits; building inspection services let avoid such issues. The building, construction permits cover all aspects of the development including wiring, plumbing, and structural integrity. It is essential because there are many fires caused by faulty wiring or ill-health from poor plumbing. Poorly constructed structures may collapse with catastrophic consequences. The building, construction inspection services will inspect these aspects and more.


One can request information from building, construction inspection services detailing when one needs building permits, and exact requirements vary, so it is essential to contact the local building, construction inspection services for the correct information before applying for construction, building permits. Here are some examples that usually need building, construction permits:

  • New builds – One needs construction, building permits always for new home building, including structures like garages, guest houses or storage buildings. Fences or other structures set in concrete also may require building permits.
  • Extending an existing property- New rooms or conservatory's, as well as patios, porches and deck areas, may need building permits.
  • Significant renovations - It’s important to apply for construction, building permits when restoring an older house or remodeling a more modern one. Once the building permits are submitted do not deviate extensively from them, construction, building inspection services will expect to see the renovation as detailed.
  • Changes to structure - Removing walls, basement or attic rooms, demolition all require construction, building permits and are especially important, building inspection services will review the plans and ensure no unsafe changes (e.g., to load-bearing walls) are included.
  • Services (Electrical, plumbing or mechanical) - It is likely that individual permits in addition to construction, building permits will be needed for significant changes to services, please check with building inspection services for the requirements. Hot tubs, outdoor lighting or home automation systems may be included.


One should submit multiple copies of plans to construction, building inspection services, one copy filed, and once approved and returned with building permits and passed to the assessor.

Construction, building permits applications should include:

  • A scale drawing of the plot by a licensed surveyor. Include sizes of plot areas as well as the distance to boundaries. Utilities, slopes, trees, etc.
  • A building foundation plan including materials and dimensions.
  • A building floor plan including the location of all windows, doors, plumbing, and electrics.
  • Elevations (exterior roofs) including materials.
  • Other requested details, building, construction inspection services may need details of insulation, energy calculations, fire safety, etc. Make sure to include any necessary information with the building permits application.

All drawings included with the construction, the building permit application must be to correct scale, check with building inspection services for the correct scale to use.

After the one submits building, construction permits the building inspection services will review them and either approve it, and work can start or request revisions which one must add to the construction, building licenses before resubmission. 


For certain aspects of construction, building permits, a qualified surveyor is required, but some companies offer a comprehensive service which can include the drawing of plans, submission to building inspection services as well as revisions if requested. It can be beneficial to consider using a company that provided construction, building permits services especially if unfamiliar with the process. Building permits must adhere to the code required by the local building inspection services which a building permit services company will follow.


After the construction, building permits have been approved work can start, all contractors and others must follow the guidelines set out in the construction, building permits to avoid costly reworking once inspected.

Inspections will be carried out by building, construction inspections services at various intervals, so it is a good idea to develop a good relationship with the inspector then their advice can be sought as needed. The number of checks carried out by construction, building inspection services will depend on the extent of the work; a safety check will undoubtedly be carried out. The building, construction inspection services are also responsible for concrete slabs (laid as foundations) these must be inspected before pouring of the concrete so timing the visit is critical to avoid delays. Other features building, construction inspection services may want to examine utilities (interior and exterior), floors and beams, exterior structures like walls. There are also tests they may carry out to ensure utilities are safe.

The building, construction inspection services may request modifications to the construction, and one should get them completed before the final inspection.

During the final inspection building inspection services carry out a complete inspection of the works carried out, checks included whether the construction meets health and safety requirements as well as being in accordance with current building codes and regulations. A common reason for failure to gain approval is a deviation from the original plans; one must ensure that the original plans submitted for the construction, building permits are followed.

For commercial buildings, future inspections may be required to ensure the ongoing safety of users, but that will be explained by building construction inspection services provider.


To avoid costly delays to the project one should develop a good working relationship with construction, building inspection services provider. Following the correct procedure and completing the appropriate forms for building permits is essential. Understanding the process is the first step to a smooth journey; visit the local permit office to find out everything about the process before starting the application. Keep all the paperwork organized, the review by building inspection services will be quicker if all necessary paperwork is present and quickly found.

Paperwork must meet the requirements set out by building inspections services (e.g., the scale of drawings), one should also check whether the building permits adhere to the correct codes and zoning regulations remember these will change from district to district.

For large projects, one should complete one area at a time and consider using a company specializing in construction, building permit service if the project is complicated.


Different local authorities have different parameters. Some turn a blind eye. The very worst-case scenario is that the building must be demolished. The local authority may insist that certain parts of the building are renovated before selling or letting. This process is known as ‘red-tagging.’

There are other consequences of not obtaining construction, building permits. A builder may start a building project, only then find out that there is some issue that they didn’t notice earlier. The builder decides to cut his losses, and the building remains unfinished. But the customer is unable to develop or sell the land; the site remains unfinished; house or business structure stays out of operation.

If a building project goes ahead without the construction, building permit, there can be consequences later. Power supplies may be limited; neighbors also may take legal actions. The property may be completed but will be unsaleable in the future. It is a costly mistake. It can be a dangerous mistake. If a building inspector does not approve a plan, the builder cannot be sure his building will be safe. It is far simpler to obtain a construction, building permit.


  • If you are planning a new build or renovation of an existing property, check to see if a construction, a building permit is required. 
  • It is advisable to form a good relationship with the building inspector as he/she can influence the future of your project.
  • Follow the correct procedure and make sure you have adhered to the relevant codes in your district. 
  • If you take the issue of construction, building permits seriously, problems can be averted.